• All Compensation is for my time, I require a safe and comfortable environment. I reserve the right to terminate our session at anytime without a refund if said boundaries are compromised in any way. 
  • As an individual that values discretion and respect beyond all esle, I do promise that your communications are exclusively with myself. I do not use the services of an agent or agency. All personal information given is for verification will be destroyed.
  • I am not a clock watcher, I do expect that as a respectful individual you will adhere to the time allotment that you have booked. 
  • I am open-minded and accepting towards all people, however I find that my company is generally best suited towards individuals over the age of 25. All I expect of my clients is that they treat me with respect and are polite. I do not discriminate against race, gender, disability or profession.



I only respond to e-mails that contain sufficient details about you and an appointment. One liners or insufficient material will be ignored. 

Payment, Canellations & Deposits

My rate is non-negotiable. I accept payments with cash, venmo and cash app. Please have the amount in an envelope in clear view for when I arrive. I kindly ask you to place the consideration in a discrete envelope. This should be sorted out in the beginning of our date. Once these matters are sorted, let us dive into our rendezvous. Please do not negotiate my rates. 

It is of course disappointing when a cancellation occurs, unless it is done in a timely manner. If you need to cancel our date, I kindly ask you do so within 24 hours notice. 

You will be asked to pay a small deposit for all dates longer than 4 hours, I offer various alternatives for such payments- simply inquire.


All clients are asked to shower before our engagament begins. I ask kindly you shower prior to arrival (within the last hour). A shower will always be provided for you at my incall as well. 

Any other questions? send me an email LaceyLove1994@protonmail.com